Yard Birds

This post has a list of birds we see in our yard.

We live in a tract home in a suburban area in Chandler, Arizona, which is a suburb of Phoenix. I’ve been asked what birds we see in our yard, so I decided to post a list. The list isn’t impressive in its size or content. It’s just the common birds here in the ‘burbs. Of course we see a lot more at the birding spots near our house. I don’t keep a list of birds I see in the yard, so the numbers in the list are subjective. I don’t have many photographs of our yard birds. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just not as fun as hiking and looking for more unusual birds than the common ones we see in the backyard. Also, when I see a good bird it’s usually gone by the time I get my camera out, or opening the back sliding door scares it away.

I added a gallery of yard birds to the ‘Photo Browser’ page (i.e. see the ‘Photo Browser’ tab at the top of this page). On the left side of that page under ‘Birds’ (i.e. open the Birds folder by clicking on the ‘+’ sign) you’ll see the ‘Yard Birds’ gallery.

Here is the list:

The numbers are very subjective                        
10: See them all the time                        
1: Hardly ever see them (maybe once)                  
Bird Month
Great-tailed Grackle 10
Anna's Hummingbird 10
Black-chinned Hummingbird     8      
Inca Dove 5
White-winged Dove       8      
Mourning Dove 8
Rock Pigeon 5
House Sparrow 9
House Finch 9
Gila Woodpecker 7
Verdin 7
Abert's Towhee 5
Northern Mockingbird 7
Curve-billed Thrasher 8
European Starling 6
Red-tailed Hawk     1                  
American Kestrel                   1    
Hermit Warbler               1        
Spotted Towhee               1        
Brown-headed Cowbird         1              
Say's Phoebe             1          
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