Birding Links

To see some incredible bird photography, here is a small sampling you can check out:

Rich Ditch: He is a local Arizona birder, and has a lot of photos from the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. I went on a bird tour at Boyce Thompson with him. No updates to this site since about 2014. I don’t know why. I hope Rich is OK.

Mia McPherson: Rich Ditch recommended her site. Besides her awesome photographs, she has a good article: “So ya think ya want to be a bird photographer“.

Jim and Deva Burns: Jim is a local Arizona birder who has written several books, and used to write a column for the Arizona Republic newspaper. I’ve met him a couple of times while out in the field.

Bryan Holliday: I met Bryan in Wilcox Arizona at the Wings over Wilcox event. He has a great photo of a Red-winged Blackbird on a cold morning where you can see his breath as he sings (in addition to tons of other great pictures). He gave me some tips like “Expose to the Right” (aka ETTR).

Arthur Morris: birds as art.

Liron Gertsman: He made a youtube video of his bird photography trip to Costa Rica. It’s here. He was a teenager at the time, but his enthusiasm is infectious, and he has some great photos. He provided some inspiration for our Costa Rica trip.

Dick Dionne: photographs of Southern Arizona birds.

Flower Links

Southeast Arizona Wildflowers and Plants: Nice search by color, common name, scientific name. Not very complete.

Southwest Desert Flora: Nice search by color, common name, scientific name. Not very complete.

Sonoran Desert Wildflowers: Notification of where flowers are blooming at the current time.

SEINet Arizona – New Mexico Chapter: Academic site. Very complete. Nice map feature. No color search.

BONAP’s Taxonomic Data Center: Academic site. Very complete. No color search.

Wildflowers of the US – Links to SW sites

Butterfly Links

Arizona Butterflies: Dave Powell’s site. It’s a great site – I use it a lot.

Southern Arizona Butterflies: By Victor Tracket. Nice page of thumbnails.

Dragonfly Links

Arizona Dragonflies: Great site!

Catholic Links

Catholic Answers: Great site for articles answering Christian and Catholic questions.

Word on Fire: Bishop Barron’s site. He has great articles and podcasts.

Aleteia: Catholic news, blogs, etc.

St. Timothy: My parish website.









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