Nancy’s Cats, 2013

Nancy says she likes the bird pictures, but “where are the ‘best pictures’?”, which are, of course, the pictures of her cats, Izzy and Baily. This post has a picture.

When we were last in Wichita I took some pictures of Izzy and Baily. They were nothing posed or planned or remarkable or creative in any way. I didn’t plan on posting them. I didn’t take any people pictures, so I thought it would be strange to post only the cats. But Nancy asked, so here’s the post – I aim to please :).

I decided it might be fun to try to combine the photos and put Izzy and Bailey together in one picture. I’m too cheap to buy Photoshop (maybe someday), but there is a free program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is really nice, and, they say, very Photoshop-like. I think that it does most everything that Photoshop does. I used it to combine the photos.

The result is below. At first glance you might not realize that the image was manipulated. However, Izzy and Baily don’t get along well enough to be so close together in real life. Also, I’m not sure I got the relative size of the two cats right.

I also included a picture of a couple of other cats, which required no image manipulation at all.

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